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Nothing says 'celebration' like a glass of bubbly, be it Champagne, Prosecco, Cava or sparkling wine, it’s the perfect way to put the crown on any event. However as any publican, restaurant or bar manager will tell you, all that celebrating comes with a lot of washing.


Truth is, champagne saucers need a bit more care in the washing area. Fortunately we’ve provided our top tips on how to clean those wide rim champagne saucers without scrubbing, to ensure a clean glass every time:

  • Washing by hand – Using a very mild detergent, sparingly add a drop to each champagne glass and sponge the soap around to remove all stains or marks. Thoroughly rinse the glasses, ensuring no soap residue is left on your champagne saucer as this will interfere with the flavour and affect the carbonation of the champagne.
  • Machine washed methodGlasswashers are ideal, especially if your establishment serves high volumes of champagne or cocktails. Once the cycle is complete, immediately remove the glasses and hand dry with a cotton (lint-free) dish towel, to remove any water marks.
  • For lipstick marks, be sure to use a lipstick remover for the pre wash removal of grease and lipstick from the lip area of the champagne glass. Remember dirty glasses leave a poor impression.
  • Finally, to bring the sparkle back to your glasses or for added extra shine, steam the glasses over boiling water then polish by hand using a tea towel, holding the glass by the base whilst using your other hand to cradle the bowl and polish the bowl.
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