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Cocktail Glasses

Cocktail Glasses

Cocktail Glasses

  • Serve up delicious drinks with our extensive range of cocktail glasses

  • Discover a diverse collection of classic and quirky glasses to fit any aesthetic preference

  • Designed for professional use in bars and restaurants

  • Receive tailored recommendations from our territory managers to find the perfect match for your needs

  • See and feel the difference in person by visiting our showroom in Stockport

  • Choose Stephensons for hassle-free commercial catering supplies

Traditional and Quirky Cocktail Glasses for Your Captivating Cocktail Creations

As reliable partners to businesses in the catering and hospitality industries, we can provide you with quality products and prompt delivery without compromise. Whether you're mixing martinis or perfecting your piña coladas, we've got all of the cocktail glasses you could possibly want and need in this exquisite collection.

Explore an extensive range of glasses for cocktails that include everything from classic margarita glasses and elegant coupe glasses to novelty cocktail glasses and quirky sharing glasses, all carefully selected to enhance and elevate your drinks menu.

Take a Sip from Our Diverse Range of Cocktail Glasses

To serve up the perfect drink every time, choose Stephensons for all of your cocktail glassware needs. Ensuring you're using the right glass for your cocktails can make all the difference when it comes to creating an unforgettable drinking experience, whether it's a well-loved classic or a new signature favourite.

Not sure which styles to choose? Our team is equipped with the expertise to assist you in making the right decision.

With options for all tastes, settings, and budgets, let's take a closer look at some our most popular cocktail glasses...

Classic Cocktail Glasses

If chic and sophisticated classic cocktail glasses are a must-have for your business, then we've got what you're looking for. Impress you customers with our extensive range of elegant martini glasses, or serve up a delightful margarita in one of our stylish margarita glasses. Even our most affordable classic cocktail glasses are still of the highest quality, so you can stock up on these popular styles without breaking the bank.

Our classy coupe cocktail glasses are perfect for serving up a wide range of classics, including everything from delicious daiquiris to luxurious champagne cocktails. These elegant glasses are available in a variety of styles, with options for all moods and aesthetics.

Perfectly shaped for classic tropical cocktails such as Piña Coladas, Singapore Slings, and Blue Hawaii's, our range of hurricane cocktail glasses is great for dazzling guests with beautiful presentation. With their undulating, curvaceous bodies and stemmed design, these stunning footed glasses are perfect for a wide range of cocktail creations and offer exceptional durability to withstand the rigours of commercial use.

Quirky and Novelty Cocktail Glasses

For drinking establishments that lean more towards the playful and quirky side, we stock a wide range of novelty cocktail glasses that will impress and delight your customers. 

Science-themed cocktails glasses are the latest trend to hit cocktail bars across the country, highlighting the scientific magic that goes into producing some of the most captivating cocktail creations. Our extensive range of science test tubes, beakers, and flasks are all perfectly suited for serving glowing cocktails that will make for an unforgettable drinking experience.

Our fabulous tiki cocktail glasses are perfect for serving up tiki drinks such as the Mai Tai and other exotic favourites. With a wide range of styles available, these playful glasses are sure to enhance your drinks menu and keep customers coming back for more.

Looking to stand out from the crowd in how you present your mixology masterpieces? Our cocktail mugs and jars are sure to capture attention, and come in an eclectic, vibrant range of colours and styles.

Vintage Cocktail Glasses

Nothing screams 'sophistication' like an elegant vintage cocktail glass. These exquisite glasses are inspired by the extravagance, frivolity, and wealth associated with drinking establishments from the early 20th century and exude retro charm.

Our collection of Roma 1960 glasses by Luigi Bormioli feature a stunning cut-glass embossed design that simply oozes luxury, while our Hayworth Ribbed Vintage glasses are guaranteed to elevate any drinking experience with their captivating optics.

Items in our vintage collection are made from toughened glass, ensuring the longevity of these stunning high-quality pieces of glassware.

Sharing Cocktail Glasses

Some cocktails simply taste better when shared with friends. Our range of sharing cocktail glasses are perfect for serving up larger quantities of your best cocktail creations and are available in a wide range of shapes and styles.

Choose from quirky styles such as our Large Tiki Skull Cocktail Glass, or opt for a more classic shape like our wide bowl Chalice Dessert Glass. Our Handled Glass Beer Stein and Glass Beer Boot are great for beer-based cocktails, also known as cockt-ales, which are becoming increasingly popular and look fantastic served in traditional-style beer glassware.

You're One-Stop-Shop for Quality Cocktail Glasses of All Shapes and Sizes

Dazzle your customers with our extensive range of glassware designed for serving up spectacular cocktails. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service that won't let you down.

Our welcoming showroom staff and attentive account teams are here to support you every step of the way with tailored advice so that you can place your order with ease and receive your goods on time.

We'll help you create a customised collection of quality cocktail glasses that reflects your bar's personality. With our unparalleled personalised service, you can trust that you're in good hands.

How long will it take for my cocktail glass order to arrive?

We stock a wide range of products at our cash and carry in Stockport, so you can stop by to pick up your glassware essentials if you're close by. Alternatively, place your order online and receive it within 2 working days (when ordered before 3pm).

Please be aware that delivery service times are subject to change in busier periods, but we always aim to arrange a suitable delivery time that works around your schedule.

Is it possible to set up a Trade Account?

You can set up a Trade Account with us if you want to, particularly if you want to place large orders for your cocktail glassware and other essentials for your business. Benefits of having a Trade Account include further support from our account managers who can offer you discounts and recommendations tailored to your business needs. Contact the team on 0161 483 6256 or email to discuss the benefits of a Trade Account in more detail.

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