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Coffee Glasses

Coffee Glasses from Stephensons Catering Suppliers

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Coffee Glasses

Within the Stephensons wholesale glassware collection, you can find some fantastic coffee glasses that will make great additions to your bar, restaurant, hotel, and catering businesses.

Enjoying a hot cup of coffee, especially when they're served in stylish coffee glasses, is always a welcome treat. It's an ideal way to give yourself a little boost in the morning or mid-afternoon. It's even more special when you're enjoying it at one of your favourite cafés, where attention to detail in presentation is just as important as the quality of the coffee itself.

There are many ceramic options when it comes to coffee mugs, cups, and saucers, but coffee glasses can bring a modern and stylish twist to your coffee and tea service.

Whether you're looking for a fashionable way to serve your espressos or showcase the perfect layering of your lattés, we have a wonderful selection of clear coffee mugs and glasses that are ideal for brilliant presentation. They would work well for other hot beverages too, such as speciality teas and decadent hot chocolates. There are even speciality Irish coffee glasses to choose from as well, if you have these boozy treats on your menus.

You can also find variations on these designs, from simple stylings to more intricate details, such as the Spiegelau Perfect Serve Stacking Espresso Glass or their Latté Glass. There are also double walled coffee glasses for a more interesting aesthetic and to ensure that the hot beverage inside stays warmer for longer. You can also explore unhandled coffee glasses for a contemporary spin.

Many of these options also have matching glass saucers to complete the look, which is excellent for those who want a slightly more formal approach to their coffee and tea service. The benefits of having matching saucers with your coffee glasses extends beyond appearance, however, as they will also provide a practical purpose by giving you somewhere to place sugar, teaspoons, and even biscuits to go with your hot drinks.

Within our coffee glasses range you can discover some equally attractive glass accessories for your café counters. Glass jars designed to hold biscotti in various sizes, and others that can be filled with teas, sweet treats, coffee beans, packets of sugar, or anything else you might want to store and display. All of these jars come in varying sizes and designs, so finding something that suits your establishment shouldn't be a challenge.

In addition to being attractive pieces that will enhance your drinks' presentation, these coffee glasses have been designed with professional use in mind. There are several options that are made from toughened glass, allowing for better durability in fast-paced catering and hospitality environments. Others have a stackable design which is great as a space-saving solution for smaller areas.

If you do want to enhance your coffee and tea service, then consider trying some coffee glasses for a more unique approach to presentation that will impress your customers. They are perfect for modern establishments that want their customers to see the quality of the beverages they're drinking to boost the overall experience. 

To discuss any of our coffee glasses—or any of our other products—feel free to contact our helpful team. You can reach us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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