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Disposable Cups & Plastic Tumblers


Here at Stephensons we've got all bases covered when it comes to disposable glassware. Discover our range of disposable pint glasses and tumbler alternatives, perfect for everyone's favourite tipple.

Glass Alternatives for Every Occasion

From classic plastic disposable pint glasses to compostable and paper pint cups, we're on hand to help you provide high-quality drinks catering at a range of events—be it outdoor celebrations, pub beer gardens, festivals, and even BBQS!

If you're feeling adventurous and celebratory, we've even got American red party cups and options for disposable shot glasses and Jager bombs.

For eco-conscious catering companies, we also have a range of rPET disposable plastic glasses. Just as durable as their regular counterpart, these disposable glasses have been manufactured using rPET, which is made from 80% recycled plastic. This means plastic has stayed in a closed-loop system and can be recycled after use.

We also stock a number of disposable paper cups and PLA cold cups designed with a renewable material made from plants. This line of PLA products is a great choice for catering businesses that offer a takeaway service, in particular for serving cold drinks in the sun!

Plastic Pint Glasses That Won't Spill the Froth

Unlike cheaper alternatives prone to spilling and cracking, our collection of disposable plastic glasses are robust enough to hold anything from a pint of beer to ice-cold lemonade. For ultimate ease of use, these tumblers can also be stacked efficiently, so you can set up and pack away with no extra hassle.

If you're serving cocktails or gin and tonics to thirsty guests, look no further than our disposable hiball tumbler glasses. With a long, clear profile and a small-lipped lid, these versatile alternatives to glass have space for all the garnishes—and can even be used for fruit salads, ice cream, and desserts!

Cheers to Our Wine and Champagne Glasses!

We also have a vast range of disposable wine and champagne glasses for hospitality businesses catering for big events and celebrations. Designed using the traditional tulip shape, our disposable champagne flutes offer a stylish disposable glassware solution, enabling guests to enjoy a premium drink in a premium glass.

Our disposable champagne and disposable plastic wine glasses are also ideal for pubs and bars, the latter marked at 125ml and 175ml for the ultimate ease of pouring.

We Also Stock Carry Trays, Too!

Avoid having to watch your guests struggle with multiple drinks by grabbing some of our carry trays designed for transporting multiple pints or coffee cups. If you're providing drinks at any large event or offering takeaway drink service, these carry trays are key to happy customers. Our recyclable carry trays with handles can also be used to transport cold drinks, like milkshakes and smoothies.

Speaking of smoothies, don't miss out on our range of clear tulip smoothie cups perfect for catering businesses that specialise in fresh juices. Like our selection of eco-friendly pint glasses, these smoothie cups are manufactured using recycled rPET. We also have domed smoothie cup lids and clear straw slot lids to prevent any delicious juice from spilling over.

With so many great disposable plastic glasses and tumblers on offer, we find many of our customers benefit from contacting us to find out more about what we can offer catering companies. Alternatively, if you'd like to speak with us about other catering an hospitality essentials, please give us a call at 0161 483 6256 or email

Save on Your Disposable Plastic Glasses with a Trade Account at Stephensons

Get exclusive access to trade discounts with a Stephensons Trade Account and get even more money off your disposable plastic glassware and tumblers by placing a bulk order. As well as generous trade discounts, you'll also get a knowledgeable Account Manager who will help you find the best products for your catering business, including the best disposable glassware that you need for a five-star service.

What's the quickest way to get my disposable glassware?

There are two ways you can start enjoying our great selection of plastic glasses and tumblers. If you're in the nearby area, you can pop into our wholesale Cash & Carry in Stockport and check out our large range of stock that's ready to go. Swinging by our showroom also lets you meet our friendly team who are on hand to make sure you leave with everything you need.

Alternatively, you can browse through our collections of catering essentials, including bar equipment and quality crockery, on our online store. If you place an order before 3pm, you'll get your supplies in just 2 working days. If your business is based in the Northwest, look out for our own fleet of drivers who will bring your order by direct delivery. For those based further afield, expect a trusted third-party courier to drop off your supplies straight to your door!

When ordering online, please note the lead times on the products you are purchasing, as this can impact delivery. Additionally, while we always endeavour to your delivery to you as soon as possible, this may take longer during busier periods.



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