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Disposable Paper Beer Cups

Disposable Paper Beer Cups

Disposable Paper Pint Cup with a Window

Eco-friendly, home compostable, and PE/PLA free.

  • Eco-friendly paper pint cup
  • PE/PLA free
  • Home Compostable
  • Weights and measures certified
  • Aqueous lining
  • Can be recycled with paper & card (please check with your waste provider)
  • Perfect for festivals, sporting events, outdoor bars, and large venues

It has never been more important to consider our impact on the environment, and businesses must start improving their practices and choose more sustainable operations. 

When it comes to hospitality, you want to make sure you can give your customers what they need to have a great time at your establishment or event. During the summer months, sipping on a refreshing beer in the sunshine is bliss, particularly if you're enjoying some live music at an event or sampling incredible food at a local festival. Although these outdoor activities can be a lot of fun, they can also result in a lot of rubbish left over which isn't great for the eco-system. 

So, what's the solution?

Beers and ciders are hugely popular at outdoor events and bars, so one way you can help the environment as a business or organisation is to invest in disposable paper cups. However, there are a lot of products on the market that might be labelled as 'eco-friendly', but aren't as great for the environment as they might seem. 

With these disposable paper pint & half pint cups from Stephensons, you don't have to worry. Free from PE and PLA thanks to their aqueous lining, these cups can be recycled with paper & card (please check with your waste provider). 

In addition to being an excellent eco-friendly choice, these cups are also weights and measures certified, with a see-through panel to help you make sure you pull a perfect pint. This window is not plastic, but is in fact made from paper fibres that are durable and practical as well as being biodegradable. 

If you are looking for greener options when it comes to your events or venue that will still allow you to cater to a busy crowd with ease, you can't get much better than this. You may even find them useful to serve other beverages rather than just beers and ciders. Make the change today so your business or organisation can do more for the environment. 

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