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Gin & Tonic Glasses

Gin & Tonic Glassware from Stephensons Catering Suppliers

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Gin & Tonic Glasses: Raise a glass to this superb collection of gin & tonic glasses from Stephensons


  • Gin glasses

  • Vintage, contemporary and unique gin glass options available

  • Stemmed / balloon glasses

  • From Stephensons catering equipment suppliers


Gin & tonic has had a resurgence as Britain's favourite tipple. Whether you're looking for gin & tonic glasses for your bar, pub or restaurant, there's a solution for every establishment in this exciting collection.

A plethora of premium branded gins are increasingly fusing new and exciting botanicals, a trend established in the continent. This growing trend has been embraced by bars and gin serving establishments throughout the UK to enthuse and excite customers.

To give gin & tonic its best possible taste, aroma and overall drinking experience, Stephensons recommend choosing glassware that best suits your needs. 


Balloon is Best!


Gin is most certainly ‘in’ and the most effective way to ensure you get the most out of this stylish spirit is to serve it in a balloon shaped glass to trap the aroma of the botanicals. Despite many choosing to drink a G&T from a tall glass, the bulbous ‘Copa De Balon’ shape is actually far superior. As well as allowing for a fuller aroma, the larger shape also means ice melts much slower to avoid rapid dilution. What's more, the bowl shape means more room for crucial garnishes!

All of the gin glasses in this section feature the the bulbous, balloon shaped bowl that will permit you to enjoy a gin in the best manner possible!


Key Features:

  • Gin and tonic glasses

  • Perfect for flavoured gin and tonic pairings

  • Innovative drinking ideas

  • High quality

  • Fantastic choice

  • Copa De Balon / Balloon Shaped Gin Glasses
  • Spread the aroma

  • More room for garnishes
  • Glass and plastic gin glasses available

  • From Stephensons Catering Equipment Suppliers

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