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Gin & Tonic Glasses

Gin & Tonic Glassware from Stephensons Catering Suppliers

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Gin and Tonic Glasses

You can explore our collection of beautifully designed gin and tonic glasses within the huge wholesale glassware range at Stephensons.

Gin and tonics are an enduring favourite that have been a staple in British pubs, bars, and restaurants for over a century, and having the right gin and tonic glasses to serve them in is a must. Although it may have started out as a medicinal beverage in the 1800s, soon it was a popular choice for a boozy refreshment. This drink had something of a renaissance in the 2010s, and it remains to be one of the most frequently ordered libations even now.

Decades ago you might expect to be served a gin and tonic in a tall glass, a choice that is preferred by some even to this day. However, over the last ten years in particular, there has been a rise in the use of the 'Copa de Balon' style glass—more commonly referred to as a 'balloon glass'—for gin and tonic concoctions.

The balloon-style gin and tonic glasses are a preferred choice by many gin, bar, and mixology experts around the world. The reason being is that the large bulbous shape helps to enhance the aromas and flavour in the glass, which ultimately improves the overall drinking experience. This shape also helps the ice in the glass stay cooler for longer, resulting in less dilution of the drink as it's being sipped and enjoyed. Finally, the extra space in the glass leaves plenty of room for fantastic garnishes that will complete your perfect gin and tonic presentation.

Within our range of gin and tonic glasses you will find various designs, from vintage-inspired styles that are perfect for speakeasy bars, or for establishments that want to pay homage to the lavish Victorian gin palaces of the 18th and early 19th centuries. Some favourites of this vintage look include Utopia Tableware's Timeless Vintage range, or the Onis Speakeasy Gin Cocktail Glass from Artis. If you're looking for something extra-special, you might be interested in some of our premium gin and tonic glasses such as the RCR Alkemist Gin and Tonic Glass, or the Luigi Bormioli Bach Gin Goblet.

If you would prefer to serve your gin and tonics in something other than stemware, you will be pleased to see our range of stemless gin and tonic glasses to browse through. What's great about this style of glass is that it still holds all of the great features of the balloon glass—such as enhancing aromas and flavours—but can offer simpler, more relaxed presentation. Stemless gin and tonic glasses can be a great option for those who might prefer the older serving style of a tall glass for this reason. These glasses can also be utilised for wine and water, too.

In addition to our selection of gin and tonic glasses, you will also see options for cocktail trees. These accessories where very popular not too long ago, and can still be an excellent feature for event catering and special drinks deals on your menus that are designed for sharing. Cocktail trees can offer a show-stopping approach to drinks' presentation that your customers will love.

If you would like to discuss any of our gin and tonic glasses or any of our other products, please call us on 0161 483 6256 or email the team at

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