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Standard Tumblers

Standard Tumblers

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Standard Glass Tumblers

In our wholesale glassware range, you can find a selection of standard tumblers for everyday use.

The ranges we have available for standard glass tumblers vary from simple stylings to more unique designs. You will also discover many renowned glassware brands that are favoured by professional bars and restaurants, including Atris, Utopia, Arcoroc, and DPS Tableware.

If you are looking for versatile standard tumblers that you can use for soft drinks, water, and cocktails, the following ranges might be best suited to your tastes. The Essential Hiball glasses are a great example of adaptable glassware that will look good in any bar or catering service. Simple straight-up stylings in various sizes, these standard glasses are durable, reliable, and are great value. They can be used anywhere from hotels, event catering, or any bar or restaurant space.

If you want to stick to minimalist styles but would prefer a more contemporary look, then you will also find curved and angular tumblers such as the Endessa tumblers by Artis, or the Lexington Rock glasses by DPS. These are elegant options that would work well for restaurants, hotels, and bars that offer relaxed yet sophisticated presentation of drinks and dining tables.

For those who are seeking a more unique type of glass tumbler for quirky drink presentation, then the Quartz/Frosty glass tumblers might be an ideal choice. This design has been inspired by melting ice cubes, and would work particularly well for cocktails or refreshing mocktails on your menus.

For relaxed dining or bar spaces that want to incorporate some retro charm into their service, Utopia's Recycled glass tumblers are worth looking at. They offer interesting shapes that are a great choice for serving sodas, milkshakes, juice, and cocktails. The recycled nature of the glass can also make them an environmentally friendly choice for your glassware collection.

The Rayo stacking glass tumblers are ideal for bars that want to maintain stylish drink presentation, but also need to save space. Safe storage of glassware is important in any professional setting, as this can help to minimise breakage and risk of injury as a result. In addition, stacking glasses are a great way to allow for convenient service behind the bar, giving bar tenders more space to work with while also having quick access to glassware when making drinks for customers.

All of our standard tumblers are suitable for professional hospitality and catering businesses. They're glasswasher safe for easy cleaning after use, helping you keep up with demand of busy service. Ideal for everyday use, these standard glass tumblers are great value and can offer style as well as practicality when it comes to serving your drinks.

It's important to find the right glassware for your business both from an aesthetic point of view as well as serving a practical purpose. If you are interested in any of our standard tumblers, or would like to discuss other glassware options, we're always happy to help. You can contact us via phone on 0161 483 6256 or email for further assistance.

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