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Toughened Tumblers

Toughened Tumblers

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Toughened Glass Tumblers

 As part of our extensive wholesale glassware collection, Stephensons has various toughened tumblers to consider that could be a perfect choice for your establishment.

Reliable glassware is crucial in a professional bar environment, which is why investing in toughened tumblers is a smart move for your business. Toughened glass is designed to be more durable than standard options, resulting in fewer breakages and better longevity of the product.

We stock glasses for many recognised brands including Duralex, Artis, Utopia, and Bormioli Rocco to name a few. There are many stackable options within these ranges, which is excellent for any bar, restaurant, or catering business that needs to save space and find smart storage solutions. The stackable nature can also benefit staff when clearing glasses from tables, allowing them to carry more at once.

You'll also find an eclectic mix of styles, from classic options like the Duralex Picardie glasses or Utopia's Casablanca tumblers. These options are ideal for casual bars and dining spaces, and can be utilised for soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

The Prysm toughened tumblers by Arcoroc are just as versatile, but this design gives a more contemporary look. This glass tumbler range features a square base and a twisting design, resulting in understated style that would work well in bars, pubs, and restaurants.

Another option for toughened tumblers from Arcoroc is the New York range. These are excellent for cocktail presentation, and feature clear, straight tops with a central ridge. Below this, each glass features a slightly different pattern, all of which are attractive and stylish. These toughened tumblers are also stackable.

If you're interested in sophisticated stylings for your toughened tumblers, then you might want to consider the New Era collection by Artis. These are another stackable option, but offer impeccable design that will elevate your drink presentation, whether that is a simple glass of lemonade or a classic cocktail. The New Era toughened tumblers feature embossed detailing on the lower-half, perfectly balancing vintage appeal with contemporary design. They are a great choice for any bar that wants to present their drinks in an upmarket and elegant fashion.

Barshine toughened tumblers by Bormioli Rocco are another great choice for those who want some vintage stylings when it comes to presentation. This range has been inspired by glassware designs from the 1970s, these glass tumblers are sophisticated and chic. The texture of these toughened tumblers catches the light perfectly, creating an eye-catching aesthetic that will make your drinks stand out. Although these glasses have been inspired by retro designs, they also hold a timeless appeal and are a versatile choice that will work for various settings.

Find the the right glassware for your business is important, and we're always happy to help. If you would like to learn more about any of our toughened tumblers options—or any of our other products—please get in touch. You can call our dedicated customer service team on 0161 483 6256 or email for further information on these glassware ranges and more.

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