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Vintage & Cocktail Tumblers

Vintage & Cocktail Tumblers

Vintage and Cocktail Tumblers

Stephensons has a vast wholesale glassware collection with many excellent cocktail tumblers available for you to explore.

If your bar looks like Hemingway and Fitzgerald should be discussing great works of literature in the corner, then our vintage cocktail tumblers are the best place to look. Especially if you have an extensive cocktail menu to offer your customers!

There are many cocktail glasses you can find that would be suitable for a prohibition style speakeasy or a sophisticated jazz bar. Whether you want to serve martinis, Manhattans, or gimlets, we have the right glasses for you. Our cocktail tumblers are a great place to start, and there are some more ornate options for those who are looking for bold, statement-making glasses. We also have subtler styles that offer timeless elegance if you would prefer.

One excellent option to explore is the popular America '20s range by Bormioli Rocco. The textured effect of these glass tumblers creates stunning aesthetics that will enhance your overall drink presentation. If you want a glass tumbler that will exude sophistication and the decadence of the Jazz Age, America '20s is the perfect fit. These are great for G&T's, old fashioned cocktails, coolers, and even single or double serves of your finest spirits.

Other options to explore that can offer effortless and enduring style include the Timeless Crystal tumblers and the Crown Crystal London tumbler—both from Utopia. These ranges have very similar styles with a linear embossment, both creating an attractive aesthetic without detracting from the drink itself.

If you are looking for opulent glassware, the Astor range by Genware is a great example. The design of these glasses is distinctive, featuring a cut-crystal effect and an arching, criss-cross pattern with a lot of detail. The Astor tumblers are fantastic for cocktail presentation and will certainly bring a touch of decadence into the mix.

Moving away from the typical cut-crystal style glasses often found in vintage cocktail bars, we also have some playful options for more relaxed environments. For example, if your business takes inspiration from honky-tonks and dive bars rather than a 1920s jazz club, then you might find the Be Bop cocktail tumblers more suitable. This range from Arcoroc has been inspired by the look of tin cans, making them ideal for playful presentation in a relaxed setting. They're a great way to serve your popular bourbon cocktails alongside a plate of delicious BBQ.

There are also options for gold rimmed cocktail tumblers in some of these ranges, including Timeless, Rossetti, Elysia, and Hayworth—all by Utopia. If you want gold rims but you aren't interested in these options, you might prefer the Regency gold rimmed tumblers by Ravenhead instead. The golden decorative touch is a great way to give your drink presentation a little lift, particularly for signature cocktails or special occasions such as catering for a wedding.

We have many options to explore for cocktail tumblers for vintage and retro bars of themed events. These glassware options have been designed for use in professional hospitality and catering environments, making them a reliable choice as well as a stylish one. If you'd like to learn more about any of these options, you can call us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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