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Water Glass Tumblers

Water Glass Tumblers

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Water Glass Tumblers

Simple, stylish & everything in between...


  • Curated range of water glass tumblers
  • Options include toughened, stackable and coloured glass
  • Intended for use in a hospitality environment
  • Various sizes available


After being asked a number of times for a dedicated water glass section, we've gone ahead and made one. Aren't we nice, eh? 

Within this category is a hand-picked selection of water tumblers that are ideal for bars, hotels, restaurants and well, anywhere that serves hydrating H2O.

From simple to stylish; large to small and vintage to modern - we've got plenty of choice. Some of these water glasses also have handy in-use performance values such as stackability (two cups) or a toughened body (T logo).

Performance feature key (red logos) -

T = Toughened

Two cups = Stackable

C = Crystalline


Key Features:

  • Water Glass Tumbler Selection
  • Many styles, sizes and variants available
  • Intended for use in a hosptiality environment
  • Toughened and stackable options
  • Clear and coloured water glasses
  • From Stephensons Catering Equipment Supplies
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