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Reusable Plastic Beer Glasses

Reusable Plastic Beer Glasses

Reusable Plastic Beer Glasses

If you want to avoid broken glass in your outdoor spaces, then investing in plastic alternatives is a must. Not only can this be a more cost-effective solution, but it can help to make these areas outside a little bit safer. Pints of beer and cider are big sellers, especially when it's hot and sunny outside. So, make sure you are prepared for the influx of people who can't wait to get into your beer garden with this range of quality reusable plastic beer glasses.

Although there are various disposable plastic pints glasses to choose from, reusable options are a much more cost-effective and sustainable choice. The resusable plastic pint glasses available at Stephensons can offer strength, durability, various styles, and different materials for your preference. Some also feature the CE/CA mark to help you monitor your pours more accurately.

These reusable plastic pint glasses are perfect for pubs, event venues, festivals, or any outdoor event, no matter the time of year. If you would like to discuss these products in more detail, please contact the team on 0161 483 6256 or email

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