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Shot Glasses & Shot Paddles

Shot Glasses from Stephensons Catering Suppliers

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Shot Glasses

Love them or hate them, shots will always be called upon to celebrate the good times, and you'll need the perfect shot glasses for the occasion. If you are replenishing the glasses in your establishment, exploring our extensive range of wholesale glassware is a great place to start.

Whether you're drinking them with a group of friends or having one as a chaser, they will always be available behind the bar. Here you will find a fantastic selection of shot glasses in various styles and sizes, allowing you to discover the perfect choice for your bar. You can even take a look at our shot paddles to present multiple shots in a stylish, playful manner.

From hen parties and stag dos, birthdays, promotions, work nights out—or just a Friday night—you can guarantee that someone will order shots during the course of the evening. This is why you need to be prepared, and having a collection of stylish and practical shot glasses is considered to be essential glassware for any bar. 

You can choose to keep things simple with your standard clear shot glasses, or if you want to capture a classic dive bar feel, why not look at our American Shot Glass or the Casablanca Shot Glass? If you know that tequila shots are your best-sellers, you could even invest in carefully crafted tequila shot glasses to give your customers the perfect experience.

Looking for something a little more unique? We've also got plenty of quirky shot glasses to choose from, such as the Mini Glass Boot or the Handled Islande Shot Glass. There are also shot glasses that look like tiny tin cans, plant pots, or miniature beer steins. If you want something different but perhaps more refined rather than playful, there are vintage-inspired crystal-cut shot glasses that could be the perfect, elegant fit that you're looking for. 

As well as some truly unique and beautifully designed shot glasses, we have special options that have been crafted for particular drinks. For example, the Jager bomb shot glass that allows you to expertly prepare these popular party drinks. This is a perfect addition for any student bar, pub, or event venue that considers Jager bombs to be one of their best-selling drinks. We also have split shot glasses for dividing different spirits to create colourful presentation.

There are also plastic disposable shot glasses you can find, which are ideal for busy event venues or outdoor festivals where glass options might not be the best choice. You can also find reusable plastic shot glasses in our reusable plastic glassware range if you would prefer an eco-friendlier approach to your operations. 

Whether speciality shots are a highlight of your bar's menu, or you keep things simple with classics like vodka, tequila, whiskey, etc., you need to have quality shot glasses at hand for the best presentation and drinking experience for your customers. Explore our range of quirky, elegant, and timeless shot glasses to find the perfect match for your business.

Got a question? Don't hesistate to contact us if you need any further information on our shot glasses range or other products that you're interested in. You can call us on 0161 483 6256 or email the team at

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Shot Glasses & Shot Paddles

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