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Michelangelo Masterpiece Wine Glasses by Luigi Bormioli

Michelangelo Masterpiece Wine Glasses by Luigi Bormioli

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Michelangelo Masterpiece By Luigi Bormioli


  • Range of elegant stemmed glassware

  • Made in Italy by esteemed glassmakers Luigi Bormioli

  • Manufacturing using ultra clear and durable Sparkx 
  • Fine rims aid with taste profiles


The Michelangelo Masterpiece collection is a range of elegant stemware from master glassmakers Lugi Bormioli. Each glass within the range has been purposefully designed to augment specific drinking experiences with some of the options on offer including red wine, champagne and martinis. Each piece is manufactured in Italy using Sparkx formula that constructs an ultra-clear and totally transparent glass that is very durable with a high resistance to breakage. All pieces are also suitable for use in industrial glasswashers. 

The range is aethetically defined by its elegant stems that emenate from the base to the bowl to create a sophisticated profile suited to fine dining environments.


Key Features: 

  • Michelangelo Masterpiece Collection
  • By Luigi Bormioli
  • Made in Italy
  • Manufactured using Sparkx formula
  • High quality glass with remarkable clarity
  • High resistance to breakages
  • Elegant profile
  • Strong stems
  • Glasswasher safe
  • Pieces made to suit different beverages including red wine and champagne
  • From Stephensons Catering Equipment Suppliers
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