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Reveal 'Up Wine Glasses by Chef & Sommelier

Reveal 'Up Wine Glasses by Chef & Sommelier

Reveal Up Wine Glassware

The Reveal‘Up collection by Chef & Sommelier has been designed to bring wine to life. Created for a sublime serving experience, Reveal’Up enlivens the senses and enhances wine presentation beyond the realms of conventional wine glasses.

  • Refined and classy wine glasses

  • The Reveal’Up range has been designed to provoke the senses

  • Delicate yet strong

  • By Chef & Sommelier


Reveal’Up has been designed for a complete drinking experience. Every element of these classes has been specifically formed and synergised to bring out the flavour and aroma of wine.

Targeted towards exciting the senses of touch, sight, smell and taste, Reveal'Up provides a unique and sublime drinking experience. 

Touch: Created for perfect balance, this collection of wine glasses fits naturally in the hand and feels extremely pleasant. The thin rim feels comfortable on the lips and is easy to drink from. 

Sight: A combination of aesthetically pleasing curves and angles, Reveal'Up creates a visual harmony. This range is handsome and stylish. 

Smell: The large suface area allows wine to breathe and encourages the rich scent to flourish. The tapered rim of the glass channels the smell towards the nose. 

Taste: Suitable for both mature and young wines, the generous bowl is ideal for appreciating full bodied wine flavours.

The rim of this glass is fine and in perfect balance to ensure wine tastes its best. Meanwhile, the generous sized chamber has been designed to allow the perfect conditions for wine tasting. The chimney of this glassware range is tapered and shaped in such a way as to prevent aromas escaping and channel them towards the nose.

This collection of glasses are delightful to hold and offer a unique and distinctive tabletop look.


Key features:

  • Reveal’Up wine glasses

  • By Chef & Sommelier

  • Pleasant to hold

  • Thin rim

  • Generously sized chamber enhances wine taste

  • High resistance to shock and repeated washing

  • Flat foot prevents water retention

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