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Vinoteque Wine Glasses by Luigi Bormioli

Vinoteque Wine Glasses by Luigi Bormioli

Vinoteque Wine Glasses, designed by Luigi Bormioli, have been specially engineered to enhance wine for a superb drinking experience. Elegant and sophisticated, these Vinoteque Wine Glasses are striking in design and outstanding in performance.



  • Stylish collection of Vinoteque Wine Glasses

  • Scientifically created for excellent wine drinking experience

  • Titanium reinforced stem and strong crystal construction

  • Shape, style and proportions carefully constructed to maximise wine taste


These Vinoteque Wine Glasses by Luigi Bormioli combine stunning aesthetics with outstanding practicality.

The bowls of these wine glasses have been designed to channel wine towards the most pleasing areas of the tongue and direct aromas towards the nose. These bowls are also crafted to guarantee balanced levels of oxygenation to enhance wine taste.

The ultra fine, laser cut rim ensures a delicate lip feel and the strong, long reinforced stem prevents warm hands altering the temperature of the wine.

These characteristics mean Vinoteque are a superb choice for all wine, put particularly for red varieties where flavours can be appreciated best.

These Vinoteque glasses are extremely strong and sturdy, despite being delicate to the touch. Featuring ‘SON.hyx’ lead free crystal glass, these Vinoteque products have impressive resistance. SON.hyx crystals mean rim strength is 37.5% stronger than normal crystal glasses whilst stem resistance in 98% sturdier because of the strengthening process.

The strength of these glasses is also notable in the titanium reinforced stem. Vinoteque have created this range with durability and practicality in mind and these are highly resistant to breakages.

These Vinoteque glasses are dishwasher safe for over 4000 industrial washes and suit the rigorous nature of a busy, fast paced catering environment.

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Key features:

  • Vinoteque Wine Glasses

  • Featuring SON.hyx crystal glass

  • By Luigi Bormioli

  • Stunning aesthetics

  • Engineered for an excellent drink experience

  • Strong yet delicate

  • Laser cut thin rim

  • Titanium strengthened stem

  • Shock resistant

  • Industrial dishwasher safe to over 4000 washes


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