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Riedel Wine Glasses

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Riedel Wine Glasses

Within our wide-ranging wholesale glassware collection, you'll discover some of the best wine glass brands for your catering or hospitality business, including Riedel wine glasses.

Wines are meant for savouring, and these Riedel wine glasses have been specifically created for this. While some wines might be more sophisticated than others, all should be enjoyed in the correct glassware to help enhance the drinking experience.

Riedel is just one example of quality glassware brands, and is globally recognised. They specialise in creating the best-quality wine glasses, and they understand the correct type of glass can do a lot to bring out the best in wines. This is why Riedel wine glasses have become a favourite for wine experts all over the world, and you can find some of these popular choices here at Stephensons.

Riedel has been in business for over 300 years, so you can trust that they are true connoisseurs when it comes to understanding what type of glassware works for different beverages. They are pioneers of varietal-specific stemware and have played an important role in revolutionising designs for glassware to complement alcoholic drinks such as wine, beer, and other favourites. Riedel wine glasses, tumblers, beer glasses, and decanters are all sought after by professionals in the hospitality and catering industries. This is due to their exceptional quality, and their ability to create a more sensory experience when enjoying these drinks.

Riedel wine glasses will not only help to highlight all of the brilliant qualities of your wines, but they can offer sophisticated style as well. Many of these elegant wine glasses follow a timeless design that combines comfort, practicality, and appealing aesthetics. In our selection of Riedel wine glasses, you will find the Riedel Degustazione range, a small collection that has been designed for its simplicity and highly functional purpose. Following a classic curved shape, you will find glasses that are suitable for red, white, and sparkling wine or champagne.

You will also discover the Riedel Restaurant and Restaurant O crystal glasses at Stephensons. The former is a grape varietal-specific range that has been specially designed for use with fine wines and spirits. These Riedel wine glasses are perfect for upmarket dining spaces that want to ensure their wine lists are appreciated to the fullest. Here you will find wine glasses designed for Sauvignon, Riesling, and Sangiovese grapes. There are wine glasses for Pinot and Nebbiolo grapes, beers, champagne, and even water glasses to name a few others. A perfect collection for an outstanding dining and drinking experience.

The Riedel Restaurant O crystal wine glasses can offer the same impeccable quality, but a different style. This collection of stemless glassware is ideal for those looking to still deliver an incredible drinking or dining experience, but would like to present their wines with something other than traditional stemware. A contemporary style that is relaxed but still exudes class and sophistication. 

If you want to ensure that the wines at your establishment are enjoyed the right way, then investing in Riedel wine glasses can ensure this. A trusted, innovative brand that specialises in awakening the key flavours and aromas in the glass for a truly fantastic drinking experience.

If you would like to discuss our selection of Riedel wine glasses, or you have any other queries, please contact the Stephensons team at or call us on 0161 483 6256.

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