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Health & Safety

Health & Safety

  • A wide range of safety signage
  • Tools for monitoring food temperature
  • PPE products to keep your staff safe

Helping You Create a Safe Environment

Health and safety are always a priority whether you're at home or work, but when you are managing a space where you're responsible for the well-being of others, it's even more crucial that you do things by the book. Your business might be a restaurant, bar, event venue, or even run from offices or an educational centre—whatever it is, you must make sure you're taking the necessary steps to keep guests and staff members safe when they are on the premises.

At Stephensons we have all kinds of useful health and safety products for professional spaces, so finding everything you need for your business to remain safe and up to code is made easy.

Food Allergens and Natasha's Law

Food allergies must be take seriously as they can result in fatalities, and the death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse in 2016 served as a tragic reminder of this. This horrific event resulted in the passing of Natasha's Law in 2021, which clearly states all businesses that supply food must be transparent about allergen risks and take the necessary steps to keep those who suffer from food allergies safe.

You can find a range of products at Stephensons that will help you to prevent cross-contamination in your food preparation areas, such as purple colour-coded utensils, chopping boards, and food containers. We also have a big range of allergen signs and labels available in our health and safety collection, which can further assist you in keeping your customers safe and avoiding potentially catastrophic circumstances.

A Wide Variety of Health and Safety Signage

In addition to our food allergen signs, we also provide a wide variety of other health and safety signage that is suitable for professional spaces. This includes further food-related signs for professional kitchens, reminding chefs and kitchen workers the importance of preventing cross-contamination, and the correct colour codes to follow for specific food types. There are also signs to serve as a reminder for staff to clean their hands properly that can be placed in washrooms and by kitchen sinks used for personal hygiene.

There are many food label options available in our health and safety range as well, and they are essential for ensuring that any food kept in fridges or freezers is safe to serve to customers. You can clearly mark when food was prepared and when it will expire, avoiding risk of food poisoning and other health risks that are food related.

Further health and safety signs that can be used outside kitchen spaces include no smoking signs, no access or prohibited signs, detailed health and safety law posters, as well as detailed COSHH regulation notices. There are also fire safety posters available and first aid guides to help keep your staff and customers safe.

If you are trying to maintain greener practices in your workspace, you might also be interested in browsing through our recycling signage and other options to help encourage your staff to be more energy efficient and eco-friendly.

First Aid Kits

Every professional workspace needs to have at least one first aid kit in the office. Injuries like small cuts, minor burns, blisters, and other mild discomforts can happen anywhere, so having the right medical equipment to treat these minor wounds and alleviate pain is important.

Stephensons has a great range of first aid kits to choose from, including individual items for anyone who is looking to replenish their existing first aid kits and need plasters, cleansing wipes, bandages, and more. There are also special eye washing kits and burn kits, as well as accident books to keep a log for your health and safety records.

PPE to Keep Staff Safe

The Covid-19 pandemic was very tough on the hospitality industry, and many adjustments had to be made for bars, restaurants, and other spaces to be able to open when the lockdowns were lifted.

These new restrictions resulted in many hospitality businesses having to invest in specialist PPE for their staff, to help keep them and their customers safe during service. While these restrictions were lifted a long time ago now, Stephensons does still have options for face masks and visors for anyone who is still finding use for them outside of the pandemic.

Other PPE for your staff that might be useful to you includes disposable bib aprons, and these can be used during food preparation or cleaning tasks to protect staff from spills and their clothing from grease marks, etc.

A Thorough Collection of Health and Safety Essentials

If you are looking to create a safer environment in your workplace, then Stephensons is sure to have what you need. From clear signage to medical kits, and PPE to tools to help you manage queues and crowd-control, you can find what you need to help create a safer environment in your establishment.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

If you're based near our Cash & Carry in Stockport, you can stop by Monday-Saturday to pick up your professional catering supplies. Alternatively, place your order online and you'll receive it within 2 working days (when ordered before 3pm—please note the lead times on our product listings, as this will impact delivery).

Please be aware that delivery service times are subject to change in busier periods, but we always endeavour to arrange a suitable delivery time that works around your busy schedule.

Is there a discount available?

Opening a Trade Account with us will create opportunities for you to make further savings, as well as gaining access to tailored recommendations for your business by our dedicated accounts managers. This could benefit you by allowing your business to make further savings, but also by having a friendly, knowledgeable team supporting your catering and hospitality needs every step of the way.

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