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Paper Hygiene

Paper Hygiene

Paper Hygiene

  • Great quality and excellent value blue roll
  • Hand towels, toilet rolls, and tissues all in one place
  • Choose Stephensons for hassle-free commercial catering supplies
  • Products that are compatible with our various hand towel dispensers
  • Spare keys available for dispensers
  • Must-have items for cleaning duties and personal hygiene

Make Sure Your Customers Are Comfortable with Our Paper Hygiene Ranges

Paper hygiene covers the all-important blue roll that anyone in catering or hospitality will be familiar with, but it also includes the essentials for your washroom spaces as well. Having the right paper products such as toilet roll, and paper towels ensures that anyone using your bathrooms and toilets—whether it's your staff or guests—have what they need to meet their basic hygiene needs. See our collection of paper hygiene products to see how they can benefit your business.

The Essential Blue Roll

As mentioned above, it's hard to work in catering or hospitality and not be familiar with blue roll. It's a wonderfully versatile paper product that can be used for both cleaning tasks and for drying your hands after washing them. Professionals in this industry will use blue roll at work every day, and this is why it is important to have plenty of this useful product in your store cupboards.

Not all blue roll is the same, however, and at Stephensons we pride ourselves on sourcing and providing quality blue roll to our customers. The better the quality the more economical the choice, as you don't need to use as much of it to carry out everyday tasks like soaking up spills, wiping down tabletops, drying your hands, etc.

Our blue roll is durable, strong, and wonderfully absorbent. You can trust in its excellent quality, and what's even better is that we can offer this top-quality blue roll to you at a fantastic price. We also have blue roll dispensers available if you would like to install these in your kitchens, bathrooms, or other back-of-house spaces.

Hand Towels and Toilet Rolls

There is nothing worse than going to the bathroom to suddenly realise there is no toilet roll left! This is why you must make sure your toilets and bathrooms are always fully stocked so that no one is caught out when using these facilities.

A busy hospitality business will see many people using these spaces daily, which is why it is so important to ensure that you have plenty of these paper hygiene products available. Even offices and school settings need to replenish their toilet rolls and hand towels for colleagues and students to remain comfortable throughout the day.

Luckily, Stephensons has many options for toilet roll and paper hand towels for you to explore. We have options that suitable for all budgets, whether you're seeking a more economical solution, or you want a more premium feel for the comfort of your guests. We have toilet roll dispensers available too, and this is ideal for office bathrooms, canteens, school toilets, bars, restaurants, and event venues.

Don't want to use a toilet roll dispenser? You don't have to! We also have plenty of quality toilet roll that you can leave in your bathroom space neatly for guests to use. This approach might be better for hotel room bathrooms, or for catering to private holiday lets, for example. However, small restaurants, bars, cafés, and workspaces might also prefer to take this approach rather than use toilet roll dispensers.

When it comes to paper hand towels, we have the classic C-fold hand towels and dispensers available. These come in green and white colour options, and are a good, budget-friendly choice to explore. In addition to these, you will also find multi-fold (Z and V) hand towels, or options rolls of hand towels if this is preferable for your operations. We do provide hand towel dispenser options that are compatible with these as well should you need to replace or upgrade your current dispensers.

Our Range of Facial Tissues and Wipes

Using tissues is a great way to practice good hygiene and prevent the spread of germs, but they can also be useful for wiping up unexpected spills, applying make-up, or wiping dirt from your face or hands. Having facial tissues available on bedside tables in hotel rooms and at reception desks can provide some additional comfort for your customers should they need it. A box of tissues can also be put to good use in bathrooms or in workspaces to help keep your staff and customers comfortable and practicing good hygiene.

We have a range of soft and comfortable tissues to choose from at Stephensons, including options for chrome dispensers that can help to enhance the presentation of your box of tissues if you wish to use it.

Also available alongside our facial tissues are refreshing wipes that are perfecting for using in restaurants, particularly anywhere that serves cuisine that is often eaten using your hands or can get messy. For example, sticky BBQ ribs, burgers, chicken wings, etc. These lemon scented wipes are perfect for freshening up and cleaning sticky hands and faces after a delicious meal.

Everything You Need in One Place

Paper hygiene products might not be the most glamourous items, but they are vital in making sure your customers and staff remain comfortable and clean when they're using your washrooms, or simply enjoy a clean space to eat or drink in. Make sure to replenish your stock when you're running low on blue roll, tissues, hand towels, and toilet roll, all available at Stephensons.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

If you're based near our Cash & Carry in Stockport, you can stop by Monday-Saturday to pick up your professional kitchen equipment. Alternatively, place your order online and you'll receive it within 2 working days (when ordered before 3pm—please note the lead times on our product listings, as this will impact delivery).

Please be aware that delivery service times are subject to change in busier periods, but we always endeavour to arrange a suitable delivery time that works around your busy schedule.

Is there a discount available?

Opening a Trade Account with us will create opportunities for you to make further savings, as well as gaining access to tailored recommendations for your business by our dedicated accounts managers. This could benefit you by allowing your business to make further savings, but also by having a friendly, knowledgeable team supporting your catering and hospitality needs every step of the way.

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