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Blue Roll

Blue Roll - Caterbar Centrefeed Blue Roll

Our best-selling, multipurpose centrefeed blue roll. Don't be misled by cheaper alternatives from other catering equipment suppliers! Our roll is strong, long, wide and absorbent for excellent value per spillage.

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We wholeheartedly believe your best option, for price and quality, is our Caterbar Blue Roll. Here's why we think it's the best...


  • Stronger, longer and wider than competitor alternatives

  • Measures an impressive 150m in length and 18cm in width

  • Superior bonding agent 

  • Excellent value


Our versatile, multipurpose blue roll is strong, long and wide with a perforated 2ply construction. Great for front and back of house application, this centrefeed roll is perfect for cleaning and soaking up spillages in the kitchen, cellar, bar and restaurant.

The quality bonding agent gives a good wet-tissue strength and the quality recycled paper minimises residue left on glass surfaces after cleaning. Cheaper alternatives tend to break up and leave bits on the surface as a result of low quality bonding agents.

The paper can be taken from the outside of the roll or from the inside if you remove the inner cardboard core. The cardboard core can be easily removed by peeling away the inner edge and pulling down, the tissue can then be accessed from the centre.

With an impressive length of 150 metres and width of 18cm, the Caterbar centrefeed blue rolls offer amazing value. Here at Stephensons, we have found that some of our competitors will only sell 125 or 100 metre rolls — others won't advertise the length at all! In our experience, the latter supplier's products can be as short as just 90 meters.

Always look for Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association logo on your case of centrefeed for peace of mind that you are getting exactly what it says on the label!

 Blue Centrefold Roll - Blue Kitchen Roll from Stephensons

"When choosing paper products such as a centrefeed roll, always remember to check the length. A cheaper product may well end up costing you more; always consider the cost-in-use because the cheapest product is probably not going to be the best choice in the long term. Our blue centrefeed roll offers excellent value-per-spillage."

Stephensons Managing Director, Henry Stephenson.


What to Keep in Mind When Buying Blue Roll


  • How long is your blue roll? 

Bulk blue roll is sold in many different lengths. From 150 metres all the way down to 100 metres and less.

The problem is you don’t always know what you’re going to get. That’s because — and there’s no way to sugar-coat this — lots of less scrupulous suppliers are simply lying about the blue roll length.


  • What’s the width? 

Now, this is where things get a little interesting… There’s actually quite a few deceptive tactics when it comes to blue roll.

Would you believe that some blue rolls on the market are about the same width as a domestic toilet roll. Lookout for ‘width cheats’ such as embossment or widening. While these manufacturing methods give the appearance of a wider sheet, both severely affect the quality of the product as the fibres are weakened in the process.


  • What’s the quality of the paper?  

Almost all blue roll is made from recycled paper. Thing is, not all recyclate is alike.

Some blue rolls are made from bad recyclate or have gone through multiple recycling stages — sometimes as many as seven or eight! Each time virgin paper is recycled the fibres shorten, which in turn affects their bonding strength and ability to remain intact when wet or put under heavy use. Better quality paper also results in less abrasive, softer sheets.   


  • Does it have a bonding agent?

‘What’s a ‘bonding agent’ you ask? Well, think of it as the secret ingredient that gives the paper wet strength. This also falls under the heading of ‘How strong is it?’.  

Any seasoned barista or bartender will know the pain of mopping up a spill, only to have the sheet tear apart during the job… Sticky hands and bits of wet paper pasted on the bar can be immediate shift-ruiner.

However, a roll with a quality bonding agent will keep your paper from perishing under pressure. It’ll also prevent streaking on mirrors or windows and ensure that no residue will be left behind — even after a good scrub.


  • Is it CHSA approved?

This official accreditation is basically a stamp of approval that says, ‘you can trust this blue roll’. CHSA stands for The Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association and their auditing process has been reassuring customers that what’s on the box, is in the box since 1996.

For paper-based and woven products, the CHSA accreditation guarantees that the dimensions, softness and bonding agent efficiency are all tested and accurate.


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