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Reduce Pressure at the Bar

While a bustling bar is great for business for the most part, if you're short-staffed or only have a small team working at your establishment, a crowd of customers can quickly become overwhelming.

Professionals working in catering and hospitality will be all-too familiar with how demanding these roles can be, and how intense during these busy periods. Not only can this pressure be stressful for bartenders and servers, customers can get frustrated when things busy, too. It's important to make sure that you can keep up with the demands of customers and find ways to make service more comfortable for your staff. One way to do this is by investing in the right products.

At Stephensons you can find a range of excellent products to help you during busy service periods, from pay-day weekends to bank holidays and everything in-between. Keep both staff and customers happy with the essentials to deliver the best possible experience all round.

To help you combat the crowds, we’ve picked out some handy products that can reduce pressure on the bar and even increase revenue!


2 Pint Reusable Tumbler from Stephensons Catering Suppliers

2 Pint Reusable Tumbler

You know what they say — two pints are better than one! These semi-reusable, CA marked glasses will reduce customer trips to the bar and help you to sell more beer. For a quicker clean-up, they're stackable too!

4 Pint beer Jugs

Stacking Beer Jugs

Available in 2 or 4 pint variations, these virtually unbreakable serving jugs are a safe and effective way of getting those group rounds out quickly.

Pre-fill before half-time or your live act starts to ensure you can keep a queue flowing smoothly and keep drinkers away from the bar for a bit longer. Secure lid available.

Takeaway Pint Carrier

4 Pint Expandable Beer Carrier

A great option for taprooms or breweries that are also experiencing congestion, our expandable beer carriers hold up to four pints. Customers can take it to a table and pour for friends, or the offer may even tempt them to do a beer take-away and enjoy at home.


Drinks Dispenser

8 Litre Drinks Dispenser

Perfect for getting cocktails or mixed drinks out quick, these tap dispensers can be pre-filled to beat any rush.

Alternatively, you can offer Pimms, cocktails or even beer deals to customers and keep a whole table happy for a while...

Beer Bucket with Opener

Stainless Steel Beer Bucket with Crown Opener 7Ltr

Beer bottle offers always go down well when it's busy and this bucket makes things a breeze. Simply fill with ice, pop your beers in and sell when requested. An integrated bottle opener means you won't even have to waste time opening the bottles.


Bottle Cooler

Clear Acrylic Oval Bottle Cooler

Don't sell by the glass, sell by the bottle! Our super-strong acrylic coolers can be filled with ice and will hold up to SIX wine bottles to satisfy those in the partying mood. Think hen-dos or birthday parties for this one!