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The Manchester Bee


The Manchester Bee Paper Straw

Stephensons have partnered with the GMCA to produce a sustainable paper straw with the aim to help eradicate single-use plastics in Greater Manchester by narrowing the price gap between plastics and paper.

The Manchester Bee

Tell Plastic to Buzz Off!

The straw is fittingly emblazoned with the Manchester Bee, an iconic symbol of the city's unity and admirable work ethic.

A donation from the sale of each box of straws will also be made to the We Love Manchester Charity.


  • The Manchester Bee Paper Straw
  • The Manchester Bee Paper Straw
  • The Manchester Bee Paper Straw

The Iconic Manchester Bee

Now Available as a Sip Straw!

Since its launch, The Manchester Bee Paper Straw has flown into drinks everywhere from the Etihad to the Manchester Christmas Markets.

Now, a new straw joins the hive - The Manchester Bee Paper Sip Straw! At a neat 5.5" (14cm) with a small bore, this straw is the perfect size
for cocktails, mixed drinks and pretty much anything served in a Rocks glass.

Like with its bigger sibling, a donation from the sale of each box of sip straws will be made to the We Love Manchester Charity.

The Manchester Bee Paper Sip Straw is exclusively available from Stephensons Catering Suppliers

The Manchester Bee Paper Sip Straw is exclusively available from Stephensons Catering Suppliers


The Manchester Bee

For orders and queries, please contact and we'll do our best to assist you.
If you'd like to purchase the Manchester Bee Paper Straw, please click the button below.


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  • Make your Pledge and help Greater Manchester eradicate single use plastics
  1. 1860

    1860 - Stephensons Stall at Salford Flat Iron Markets

    The company's founder Henry George Stephenson moves to Manchester, where he begins selling pottery on the Salford Flat Iron Market.

  2. 1868

    1868 - Stephensons moved into Barton Arcade

    Henry moves into Manchester's newly built Barton Arcade, opening the first Stephensons store.

  3. 1900

    1900 - Stephensons Company Seal from Companies House

    The business is officially registered with Companies House as 'H.G. Stephenson Limited'.

  4. 1914

    1914 - Stephensons continue to work during the Great War

    Business continues to thrive until the advent of the Great War which brought major recession and limited supplies.

  5. 1918

    1918 - Ernest Stephenson Passes Away

    Henry dies leaving his sixth son, Ernest, to guide the business through the Great War.

  6. 1919

    1919 - Stephensons Longest serving employee

    Miss Anne Smith joins Stephensons aged 19. Anne goes on to work for the company for 70 years, becoming the longest serving employee.

  7. 1939

    1939 - Harold Stephenson joins the Board

    Harold Stephenson, son of Ernest, is elected to the board.

  8. 1940

    1940 - Barton Arcade damaged during the war

    Stephensons halt retail operations after Barton Arcade suffers extensive damage during the first night of the 'Manchester Blitz'.

  9. 1945

    1945 - Barton Arcade reopens after the war

    Barton Arcade reopens fully after the war, although supplies of anything more than plain white earthenware and basic glass remained virtually impossible to find until the 1970's.

  10. 1966

    1966 - Harold Stephenson takes over the Stephensons Business

    Ernest retires at the age of 79, with his nephew Harold taking full control of the company.

  11. 1967

    1967 - Stephensons move to Stockport

    After 99 years at Barton Arcade, Stephensons moves to the Kennerley Works site in Stockport.

  12. 1970

    1970 - Michael Stephenson, 4th Generation Family member

    Michael Stephenson, a fourth genration family member, becomes Managing Director.

  13. 1998

    1998 - Julian Lewis-Booth - 5th Family Generation Stockport

    Julian Lewis-Booth, Michael's eldest son, joins Stephensons as Sales Director.

  14. 2005

    2005 - 5th Generation Family Member - Stockport

    Julian's brother, Henry, joins the business as Marketing Director, later becoming Managing Director.

  15. 2006

    2006 - Stephensons new website launched

    The Stephensons website is launched to propel the company into the 21st century.

  16. 2013

    2013 - Stephensons expand in Stockport

    The Kennerley Works site is expanded to over 30,000 square feet.

  17. 2015

    2015 - Stephensons expand in Cheadle with warehouse

    Stephensons acquire a 13,000 foot warehouse in Cheadle.

  18. Today

    2023 - Stephensons Catering Equipment

    Today, with over 150 years of proud history, the Stephenson’s story is still being written…