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World Cup 2022

World Cup Essentials from Stephensons

World Cup 2022 Catering Essentials

Below you'll find a range of essential products that'll help to make your screenings of the World Cup a winner.

It's important to keep in mind that this World Cup is a strange'un... it's essentially our first-ever Winter World Cup. This means that consumer habits may well change with the weather. Hot drinks, especially seasonal faves such as mulled wine and cider, could go down a treat on those brisk weekday evenings as people take refuge in pubs to watch the games... 

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Elite Polycarbonate In2Stax Stacking Jugs & Lids


Tips for Tackling the Big Orders

During the last World Cup in 2018, overall pub expenditure went up 9.5%*, with spending up by as much as 60%** on average when England played! To take maximum advantage of this upsurge in footfall, you’ll need options that help reduce pressure on the bar staff and in turn increase revenue. Table service should be in place until 21st June but after that, remember; nothing saps a customer’s enthusiasm like a four-deep queue at the bar!

Employing practical serving options that allow for a larger quantity of drinks to be dispensed quicker will make a huge difference in combating the dreaded bar barrage. One great idea is to employ the use of two pint polypropylene beer glasses. They’re safe, durable and the added capacity naturally means less trips to the bar. Equally, providing larger quantities at a time to satisfy a group is a very effective way to lessen congestion. Why not put an offer on multiple bottled beers and provide them in a chilled bucket? We’ve even got one with an integrated bottle opener.

An old reliable pub choice, like our virtually indestructible In2Stax beer jug (available in CE lined 2 and 4 pint variations) is another fantastic method for keeping the drinks queue flowing. Combine this with our great value disposable pint glasses and you’ve got a game changer. 

With 46% of fans stating that lager is their drink of choice for watching sport, and this figure extending even higher when you factor in other variations of beer, it seems an absolute no-brainer to offer beer serving options for what will, undoubtedly, be the most popular tipple of the tournament. Factor in the congestion reducing capabilities of these products too and it’s clear to see how a few well-chosen serving solutions and glasses will make your Euros screenings a success. 

Finally, it's also important to keep in mind that this World Cup is a strange'un... it's essentially a Winter World Cup. This means that consumer habits may well change with the weather. Hot drinks, especially seasonal faves such as mulled wine and cider, could go down a treat during those brisk weekday evenings as people take refuge in pubs to watch the games. 



Kraft Compostable Food Carton No.8


Satisfy the Half Time Hunger!

Unlike previous World Cup tournaments such as South Korea/Japan and Brazil, this year’s tournament has kick-off timings that are very accommodating for pubs. Take for example the first Saturday of the tournament on 26th November. The day’s fixtures kick off 10am with the following games coming at 1pm 4pm and 7pm. This schedule presents a great opportunity to keep customers at your venue for practically the whole day — but only if you keep them fed! 

The half-time break and intervals between these games present the perfect window for customers to order food and in turn greatly increase your revenue. If customers can eat AND drink at your establishment, it’s highly likely that they’ll stay there longer. Fast food favourites such as burgers and pizza will go down well here, but capitalising on the street food trend and giving some more interesting and exotic options will work well too. You could even get fully into the festivities and offer street food dishes related to some of the nations playing — crepes for France, bratwurst hot dogs for Germany and Tacos for Mexico. 

Remember that the style of packaging is also an important factor in food presentation and serving. A natural-looking kraft brown container that is durable and environmentally friendly (due to its compostability) gives off an instant impression of quality and eco-consciousness. With the ongoing issues regarding improper disposal of poly-based plastics and packaging, it’s wise and responsible to be using sustainable food packaging. 

 To add even more of a feeling to the occasion, make use of our personalisation options to turn your packaging into special edition, branded World Cup pieces. Combine this with some England napkins or red, white & blue candles for an easy way to show customers that you’re making a real effort. Not only will these small changes look great, but they’re also an effective way to create a sense of atmosphere and get some brand recognition at the same time.  


A5 Tabletop Chalkboard


Let People Know the Score!

It’s all well and good having screens for the football, but you’ll need to let potential customers know that your bar is actually showing it! A strategically placed A-Board outside of your establishment is a sure-fire way to let people know that your bar is the place to be for the 2022 World Cup.

When customers have been enticed into your venue, it’s also a good idea to make them aware of any special offers you may have on. Chalkboards placed at the bar or on tables are an effective way to advertise your food and drink deals in an attractive manner. Boards can easily be wiped down, so there’s always the opportunity for a bit of creativity too. Perhaps you could include predictions or reactions with your offers? Alternatively, decorate the boards with the colours/emblems of England, Wales; or if you’re feeling adventurous, whichever teams are playing!


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