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Steak Knives & Forks

Steak Knives & Forks


Discover our marvellous range of steak knives to add to your restaurant's cutlery collection.

Whether your run a popular steakhouse or a pub that includes this customer favourite on your menu, you must ensure that you have the right utensils for your diners to use. Steak knives are specially designed to easily slice through these succulent cuts of meat, creating a more comfortable and practical dining experience for your guests.

At Stephensons, we have various cutlery collections for you to choose from, including premium cutlery options for more upmarket eateries. If you are searching for high-quality steaks knives for your restaurant or catering business, then there is plenty for you to consider within our steak knives range.

If you're looking to add a touch of luxury to the dining experience for your guests, you may be interested in investing in the Villeroy & Boch Coupole 18/10 stainless steel steak knife. With a hollowed handle, this steak knife is comfortable to hold and certainly brings a sense of decadence to the tabletop. The design is elegant, with a timeless shape that combines the best of contemporary stylings with traditional characteristics. This steak knife has also been designed for professional use and is durable enough to withstand the demands of a busy restaurant or other catering environment.

For a more relaxed style that might be better suited to less formal dining spaces, there are many options for steak knives for you to browse. We stock a variety or renowned cutlery brands, including Tramontina, the Brazilian specialists who have been crafting high-quality steak knives for decades. Our Tramontina steak knives vary in price and style, so finding an option to suit your budget and dining environment shouldn't be too challenging. The Tramontina steak knives are ideal for a range of settings, and you can have peace of mind that you're investing in quality products that can survive in a busy catering environment.

Looking for something that offers premium quality and some rustic charm? The Laguiole steak knives available at Stephensons are perfect for combining country-style with exceptional quality and performance. These traditional French knives are perfect for cutting into mouth-watering steaks and can be suitable for a variety of settings from beautiful gastropubs to relaxed, trendy city restaurants. You will also find that the Laguiole knives can enhance the look of rustic charcuterie or cheese boards when they are presented to the table.

There are also steak forks available in this cutlery range if you want to complete the set and have matching items on the table for enhanced presentation. It's also important to note that steak knives can be used for a variety of other grilled specials on your menu. They can be used as part of presentation to hold a huge burger stack together, for example, or for a large sharing platter of a perfectly cooked joint of meat.

If steak knives aren't the only thing you're looking for, don't forget to look at our specialist cutlery range for other items such as pastry and cake forks, serving spoons, butter knives, and more.

For more information about any of the steak knives we have on offer, or to discuss other cutlery items for your restaurant or catering business, please call us on 0161 483 6256 or email

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