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Third and Two Thirds of a Pint Glasses

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Discover this varied selection of 2/3 and 1/3 pint glasses in the Stephensons glassware range.

Not everyone wants to order a full pint of beer, but sometimes a half pint doesn't feel quite right either. This is where 1/3 pint glasses or 2/3's can be useful to have at hand. They provide the option for your customers to enjoy either just over or just under a half pint, and this can be particularly useful if you serve stronger beers at your establishment.

1/3 pint glasses are excellent for any bar that wants to offer their customers a taste of the beers they have on the menu. Whether you choose to do this individually or have a beer flight board deal, these smaller glasses are a perfect way to sample craft beers. While any specialist beer bar will benefit from 1/3 pint glasses, breweries that offer tasting tours should also invest in them to improve the overall experience for their guests.

For our 1/3 pint glasses you will find a selection of styles to choose from. The versatile conical design will fit in with any bar environment. Its simple stylings are great for casual drinking, and they could also be utilised as small water glasses if necessary. They are also made from toughened glass for better durability in a professional environment and CA marked.

Another option for 1/3 pint glasses you might prefer is the panelled toughened beer glass available. This design adds some texture for a more interesting look and can be used for various other drinks in your restaurant or bar as well. It is also CA marked and offer brilliant strength and durability.

Finally, there is the Rastal Craft Master One 1/3 pint glass for you to consider. It is a uniquely moulded glass that has been designed specifically with craft beer in mind. The fine, thin rim creates a more pleasant drinking experience, and the chimney-shaped upper bowl enhances the aromas of the beer and creates a comfortable hold. If you do run a specialist craft beer bar, shop, or brewery, then these 1/3 pint glasses are an excellent choice.

Other options in our beer glasses range for 2/3 pint glasses include the stylish Allegra schooner. It features a triple line LCA marking at 1/3 pint, 1/2 pint, and 2/3 pint for convenience, making it a versatile choice for serving beer. The toughened Aspen glasses are great for an elegant serve, or you might prefer the Endeavour stacking glass as a stylish and smart space-saving option.

We also have plenty of other beer glasses, including half pint glasses, stemmed beer glasses, tall glasses for bottled beer, and more that could all be great options for your professional bar. There are also branded beer glasses if you want to serve popular beers like Guinness or San Miguel in their official glassware.

Not sure which option to choose? We're always happy to help. If you do have any further queries about our beer glasses, or any of our other products you might be interested in, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 0161 483 6256 or email for further assistance.

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