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Premium Tumblers

Premium Tumblers

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Premium Glass Tumblers

At Stephensons we have an extensive collection of wholesale glassware, and our premium tumbler glasses are ideal for fine dining spaces that want to make a lasting impression.

If you want to create an incredible dining experience for your guests, then paying close attention to detail can make all the difference, even down to the premium tumbler glasses you choose to use. To find the best premium tumblers for your restaurant, bar, hotel, or catering business, see the fantastic options we have available.

Within our premium tumbler range you will find options that have been toughened for improved durability. You'll also discover crystalline glass options for a high-end drinking experience, as well as stackable and nucleated glassware. If you're looking for a glass tumbler that is stylish and practical for your business, you've come to the right place.

We include various established glassware brands in our collection as well, from Artis, Villeroy & Boch, Luigi Bormioli, Chef & Sommelier, and Crown Crystal by Utopia. All of these options are great for professional settings, and have been designed to be used in these spaces. You will also find different styles to help you create the right atmosphere that aligns with your brand.

If you are seeking something a little more unusual when it comes to premium glass tumblers, there are a few options to consider. The Open Up glass tumblers by Chef & Sommelier are one great example of this. These premium tumblers are resilient and offer brilliant transparency. They feature a short, thick stem that flows into a slightly angular bowl with a rounded finish. These premium tumblers would work well as water glasses, but also to serve alcoholic beverages such as G&T's.

Another premium tumbler to consider if you want to try something different is the Power glass tumblers by Stolzle. They are excellent for modern dining spaces with their straight, sloping sides and flat bottoms. These premium tumblers will be great to use as water glasses, for juice, or even as stemless wine glasses.

The Entrée glass tumblers by Villeroy & Boch offer a more classic shape but will still be right at home in modern surroundings. These curvaceous tumblers are an excellent choice for a variety of drinks, and are comfortable to hold. Made from crystal glass for an enhanced drinking experience, they're also glasswasher safe and shock resistant, making them a great choice for professional use.

The Bach glass tumblers by Artis are one option that would work well for both modern settings and bars that want a touch of vintage charm. These premium tumblers feature a faceted design that creates interesting optics. Its simplicity works well for contemporary drink presentation, but there is a slight hint or art deco design that makes it ideal for bars that are looking for a little vintage twist. These premium glass tumblers are also made from SON.hyx crystal glass for superior strength and brilliance.

If you are looking for premium tumblers to enhance your drink presentation at your establishment, we have plenty of excellent choices for you to browse. If you would like further assistance in finding the right glassware for your business, you can call the Stephensons team on 0161 483 6256 or email us at

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