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Craft Beer Glasses

Craft Beer Glasses from Stephensons Catering Equipment

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At Stephensons, we know how important the right glassware is for serving craft beer. Discover our collection of craft beer glasses that enhance the clarity, taste, and even aroma of whatever craft beer you're pouring.

Make Your Craft Beer Look and Taste its Best

With an average of 500 new breweries opening up each year in the UK, the craft beer boom is showing now signs of slowing down. Choosing the right craft beer glass is essential for not just reflecting your commitment to quality, but also showing customers your true expertise about what's in their glass!

Our range of craft beer glasses has been designed to help catering professionals have the best option for many different types of craft beer. Whether you're serving IPA, stout, wheat beer, craft lager, or even sours, we have everything you need to boost your beer.

Explore Our Collection of Craft Beer Glasses

All of our craft beer glasses have been designed and moulded to enhance the craft beer drinking experience. So whatever event you're catering for, you can rest assured guests are getting the most from their pint or schooner.

Many of our glasses are made with toughened glass, making them resilient and dishwasher safe for longevity and continued performance. We also have a number of nucleated craft beer glasses great for helping your create that sought-after head!

For premium events and a five-star catering service, look no further than our selection of crystalline craft beer glasses. Made from lead-free crystal glass, these beautiful glasses are extremely clear and extremely strong—and will make any craft beer look irresistible.

Aroma-Aiding Shapes for the Ultimate Craft Beer Drinking Experience

We know IPA is the king of craft beers. To get the most out of your IPAs, use a glass that has been specifically designed for this. Take the Craft Master One glass, for example. With a chimney-shaped bowl and fine thin rim that feels great on the lips, guests can drink from a glass designed to enhance the aromas of any IPA and help with tasting notes.

Another one of our aroma-aiding bestsellers, our Teku stemmed beer glass is favoured by not just professional catering companies but sommeliers and beer experts, too. With chimney-shaped design for a full sensory drinking experience, and a stem to keep hands from affecting beer temperature, we've been told time and time again that Teku is one of the finest craft beer drinking vessels ever created.

Did we also mention it's the perfect aid for pulling a pint of most craft beers, including IPAS, stouts, lagers, and porters?

Sampling Glasses, Flight Boards, and more!

Drinking craft beer should be an experience. That's why we've designed a selection of craft beer accessories that will make your drinks service even more of a resounding success among guests, no matter the occasion you're catering for.

Our conical beer sampling glasses are the ideal choice for beer tasting and allowing event attendees to find their favourite craft beer before committing to a full pint. Made from toughened glass and expected to last 20-30% longer than regular alternatives, these glasses come in a unique 1/3 pint sampling capacity—great for craft beer window shopping.

If you want to serve up a few beer samples in one go, our wooden beer flight may also be a great option for your catering business. This flight can hold up to 3 craft beer tasters at once, so you can wow guests with three different IPAs, three alternative stouts, or even a mix 'n' match of everything!

For hospitality companies that offer a full range of beverages, this flight can also be used for wine or port tasting, and works especially well for tasting events.

To learn more about our full range of craft beer glasses and craft beer accessories, or if you'd like to chat with us about other catering and bar essentials, please give us a call at 0161 483 6256 or email


How can I get my craft beer glasses delivered?

The easiest and quickest way to stock up on our collection of craft beer glasses and accessories is to come into our Stockport Cash & Carry. As the largest cash and carry in the North of England, we've got a ton of great catering stock ready to go, including glasses for the perfect craft beer serve.

Can't swing by our showroom? You can browse all of our products on our online store and make an order that way. Place your order by 3pm to get your supplies delivered in just two working days by our own fleet servicing the Northwest.

Based elsewhere in the UK? Look out for one of our trusted third-party couriers coming with your catering supplies. When you are ordering online, please note the lead time on the products, as this may impact delivery. Additionally, while we always endeavour to get your orders to you as soon as possible, deliveries may take longer during busier periods.

Does Stephensons offer discount for buying in bulk?

We want to help catering companies stock up on everything they need to run a successful enterprise. However, we know just how expensive it can be to buy everything in one go. For this reason, we offer discounts to our Trade Account members when they bulk buy our supplies.

When businesses sign up for a Stephensons Trade Account, they also get exclusive access to trade discounts, as well as a dedicated Account Manager to advise them on the best catering items for their business.


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Craft Beer Glasses

Craft Beer Glasses

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