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Churchill Raku Jasper Grey

Churchill Studio Prints Raku: Jasper Grey

  • Alluring neutral grey finish

  • Lightly dappled texture

  • Combines impressive aesthetics with outstanding durability

  • From Stephensons catering equipment suppliers


Churchill Studio Prints Raku is a unique, alluring collection of plates and bowls. Featuring a versatile and naturalistic Jasper Grey colourway in handsome silhouettes, this range has a charming tabletop presence that suits casual and formal dining alike. 

‘Raku’ refers to Japanese earthenware that has thick walls and dark glazes but also translates to mean comfort or pleasure. Churchill have modernised the raku crockery style with this refreshing collection that provides an inspiring palette for creative food presentation. 

Taking inspiration from a traditional glazing process in which a design is printed underneath the glaze to develop a protective layer over the decoration, Raku has a lightly dappled texture. Emulating an artisan glaze finish, this collection combines impressive aesthetics with outstanding durability. 

Churchill Studio Prints Raku is also strong and practical. This crockery is dishwasher and microwave safe and features super vitrified bodies. 

Churchill’s super vitrified bodies are among the strongest in the world and ensure long lasting performance. These items have been especially designed to meet the demands of a fast paced professional environment and offer metal mark and thermal shock resistance. 

Furthermore, Churchill’s super vitrified products meet the quality standard of the British Standards Institute, BS 4034, and are manufactured under the world-renowned ISO 9001 quality management system. 

Crockery in this collection is built to withstand 5000 dishwasher cycles and features fully glazed bodies and glazed feet to prevent scratching when stacked. Churchill’s ecoglaze is a high performance glaze that enhances product performance and extends its service life. 

Churchill are a leading manufacturer of high quality ceramic tableware with a long, illustrious history in the catering and hospitality industry. Churchill continue to make crockery in Stoke-on-Trent and have deep-rooted origins in the Potteries that reach back to 1795. 


Size: 8.66" / 21.7cm


Key Features:

  • Churchill Studio Prints Raku - Jasper Grey Coupe Plate

  • Versatile neutral colourway

  • Lightly dappled texture

  • Studio-style pottery

  • Inspired by traditional glazing techniques

  • Decoration printed underneath the glaze

  • Glazed by Churchill’s ecoglaze

  • Glazed feet

  • Stackable

  • Super vitrified

  • Dishwasher safe - built to withstand 5000 cycles

  • Microwave safe

  • Metal mark resistant

  • Thermal shock resistant

  • Strong, durable and resilient

  • BS 4034

  • ISO9001

  • 5 year edge chip warranty on selected items

  • Made in England

  • From Stephensons catering equipment suppliers


PLEASE NOTE: The hand decorated nature of this crockery collection means that every piece is beautifully unique with slight variations in colour and detailing.

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