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Futada Vitrified Porcelain

Futada Vitrified Porcelain

Utopia Futada Vitrified Porcelain

Umami Japanese Porcelain - Futada 


  • Futada is dark crockery that works well with vibrant dishes 

  • From the Umami collection, which looks to showcase the true spirit of the east
  • Sourced from authentic Japanese pottery producers

  • Vitrified porcelain provides a 5 year edge chip warranty

  • Perfect for Asian dishes and creative food presentation


Futada features a dark, elemental tone with a hammered texture effect. A subtle light spiral motif that emanates from the centre adds a graceful touch to these pieces. As part of the Umami Japanese Porcelain range, Futada has the ability to bring out the best in Asian food and due to its muted colourway is particularly effective at showcasing vibrant dishes such as donburi or oyakodon.

'Umami' is a Japanese word used to describe savoury flavour — one of the five basic tastes. To coincide with this important aspect of dining, the Umami collection is comprised of distinct colourways in organic shaping. All of the ranges in Umami have been sourced directly from Japanese pottery producers for a rich authenticity that will work for Oriental dishes as well as creative food presentation.

In regards to performance, all of the Umami ranges are made from vitrified porcelain, which gives them a long-lasting durability that is perfect for commercial settings. What's more, all pieces feature a 5 year edge chip warranty and are suitable for industrial dishwashing.


Key Features:


  • Futada
  • Umami Japanese Porcelain collection by Utopia Tableware
  • Pieces sourced from Japanese pottery producers
  • Distinct dark colourway with spiral motif
  • Textured effect
  • Perfect for oriental dishes and creative food presentation
  • Vitrified porcelain
  • 5 year edge chip warranty
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for commercial use
  • From Stephensons Catering Equipment Suppliers 


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