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Burger Wrap Paper

Burger Wrap Paper


For catering professionals serving burgers packed with delicious toppings, our burger wrappers can prevent grease and juices from soaking through in transit—as well as be used to clean up sticky fingers in the aftermath! When it comes to greaseproof paper products and wrappers we have everything you need.

Finding the right hamburger wrapping paper for your catering requirements is easy at Stephensons. We stock everything from burger wrapping paper in varying colours and designs, to hamburger foil wrappers for packaging and storing items with ease. 

Wrappers that look just as good as what’s inside!

It’s true when they say, the first taste is always with the eyes. By choosing burger wrapping paper that doesn’t just keep your burgers warm and intact, but also provides a decorative flair to packaging, you can ensure your burgers look as good as they taste.

Present your burger service with eye-catching burger wrappers in yellow or opt for something a little outside the box with our red hamburger wrapping paper. Our array of colourful wrappers allows you to also find the perfect catering napkins to match.

Hamburger foil wrappers

For the juiciest of burgers, we recommend our Caterwrap Premium Thick Aluminium Foil Sheets, previously known as ‘Bacofoil.’ Part of our extensive kitchen disposables range, these hamburger foil wrappers are extremely strong and durable, not to mention they come as ready-cut sheets so you can wrap your burgers in seconds and quickly dish them out to hungry customers!

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