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DPS Wireless LED Table Lamp Collection

DPS Wireless LED Table Lamp Collection

A eclectic collection of cordless table lamps that are perfect for a modern approach to mood lighting.

The DPS range of cordless table lamps can offer an excellent variety of designs, from more contemporary stylings to options that take inspiration from vintage and rustic aesthetics. They are an excellent choice for businesses that want to invest in a long-term economical solution for their ambient lighting.

Petite in size, these DPS cordless table lamps are ideal for restaurants, bars, and even in hotels as bedside lamps or in reception areas. Some options can be wirelessly charged too, which may be a more convenient approach for certain establishments.

If you are looking for modern aesthetics, you may be interested in the Geo, Deca, or Dome DPS table lamps. The designs allude to traditional looking lamps, with Geo's cylindrical shade shape, Deca's cone, and (as the name suggests) a dome shade shape. However, the metallic finishes and stainless steel bodies gives a contemporary/futuristic feel to these lamps instead.

The Geo, Deca, and Dome lamps can be wirelessly charged using the 6 lamp charging pad available. They can offer up to 50 hours of light at full charge, depending on the brightness settings. There are 3 options for brightness, as well as 4 colour temperature settings so you can choose between warmer illumination or cooler lighting.

If these lamps aren't quite what you're looking for, you might prefer to explore the other options from DPS. The Industrial cordless table lamps still give a modern look but take cues from vintage styles for a rustic touch. These lamps would look excellent in trendy bars, pubs, restaurants, or hotels that like the look of antique décor items, but still want a current aesthetic.

The Industrial lamps don't offer wireless charging, but they do come with a USB cable (adapter not included) that is compatible with the 20 port charging station we have available. They can take between 4-5 hours to fully recharge and offer up to 30 hours of light depending on the brightness setting. It also has 3 colour temperature settings so you can control the type of ambience you want in your spaces.

Another option for those who want something with a bit of vintage feel are the Classic DPS cordless lamps. Available in bronze and brown colours, these lamps feature a dome-shaped shade with a linear pattern to add depth and texture. These lamps are charged via the USB cable provided and are compatible with the 20 port charging station. As with the Industrial lamps, they have 3 colour temperature settings and dimmable brightness via touch control. The Classic lamps will offer up to 20 hours of light depending on the brightness level and take 3-4 hours to fully recharge.

Other options you can explore in this collection are the Crystal, Timeless, and Tempo lamps. The first is closer to a crystal candle holder on your tables for a refined appearance. Timeless and Tempo are two modern styles, with Timeless capturing the essence of older lamp designs but with a contemporary twist.

If you are interested in discussing our DPS cordless table lamps in more detail, call the team on 0161 483 6256 or email for further information.

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